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Themed Photo Sharing "Purses, Handbags, Pocketbooks,Or Clutch"
Say cheese!
betty_homemaker wrote in vintage_ladies
Fashion seems to be the topic everyone is interested in.  Accessories are truly what makes the outfit!  With Viva just around the corner lets get in the mood and share our style!

Post your pictures of your vintage or vintage inspired purses, handbags, pocketbooks or clutches as a comment to this post or as a new post.  If you make a new post please use the same Subject and tags.  DO NOT MAKE UP YOUR OWN TAGS.  By making up your own tags it makes it harder for members to find a post by topic.

Don't forget to click on the tags to see previous photo sharing posts.  Pull out those inspired photos and add them!

I don't have a lot of vintage bags but I do collect the funky hot rod inspired bags!


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I almost bought the top right hand one.

From Robbie of Heart Throb?! He is making me a second bag that has the pin tuck fashioning.

I love it. It is 10x nicer than any of my Trophy Queen bags. If you buy from Robbie on ebay his reserve is $100. He is pretty quick about getting them made and in the mail. I bought one from him a year ago and had it stolen right before we moved in Nov. I quess someone thought it was a TQ bag.

He doesn't have an ebay store. He just lists a few auctions at a time. He has a Myspace page for his bags too. Just ask if he has any other styles and he'll list them for you.

Tell him Buxom_Bipsy_Blue sent you.

Did you look at his bags? He has 5 listed right now. I just bought another one from him this week. He is a dream when it comes to customizing them! He even special ordered fabric for my bag!(I wanted a color that is very hard to find as I did a search before I asked him if he could use it.)

I wish I could afford it!

I have tons of vintage purses (all late '30s to early '50s) but my absolute favorite of all time is my brass minaudiere (carry-all)! The mirrored side features a powder compact (with screen still in tact!), a deco comb and a lipstick holder. The reverse side is meant to store cigarettes. I completely adore this thing, if you couldn't tell!


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