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Wonderfully Preserved 1950s home
sevenblades wrote in vintage_ladies
A strange newstory I came across today:
A 1950s bungalow, complete with original furnishings and working appliances is being sold. The owners had only lived in the basement, so the top level was never touched!

I absolutely love it, especially the kitchen and tv room. 

Check out the home here:

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Wow---that is fantastic. I really want the kitchen.

that is completely adorable, i love it!
wish i could buy it, haha.

damn, that's cheap. it wouldn't be any less than $350,000 here.

i don't buy the story though. they forced themselves to live in the basement, only coming up for thanksgiving? and even though they were always downstairs (for 54 years) they carpeted over the hardwood floors? come on mr. real estate agent...

People do strange things though; there's a fabulous Victorian house in the hills near Melbourne that was occupied by a mother & son who used one floor only of the 3 floors for decades. Don't know why, but the rest was just locked up the whole time.

Awesome taps in the bathroom!

I get that someone uses only one floor because they have a lot of space but living in the basement of this fabulous little bungalow? I really don't understand it.

But you are right, people do strange thing.

What I love the most is this fake window with the wood "table". It's all so neat.

I swear, if I didn't know better I'd think that was Great Grandma's house.

Similar layout and furnishings, right down to the alcove in the hallway wall..


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