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Huzzah for the Red, White, and Blue!
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nuranar wrote in vintage_ladies
I figured I'd share some of the few good pictures I have of a vintage outfit.

This outfit I wore to church on nearly-Veteran's Day Sunday last November. This is a red wool skirt, which is definitely late 1940s with small but obnoxiously hip-emphasizing high pockets and a center front double inverted box pleat.  The blue suit jacket is one of my early ebay vintage purchases, clearly the remaining half of a suit, and probably also late 1940s. Then I wore a modern blue-and-white striped shirt I got from Chadwicks and my patriotic shoes.  These are also modern but very retro-styled, and a gift from my mother.  My front hair is in rolls, and those are vintage clip-on red, white, and blue earrings.  It was a fun outfit.

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