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So vintage, it's absolutely ancient! Roman lady hair
synj_munki wrote in vintage_ladies
A friend of mine is having an ancient Roman inspired hand-fasting ceremony in a few weeks, and I'm making her clothes (and his) and doing her hair. I needed a little practice, so pulled out my practice head (picked it up a few years ago at Sally's for a huge discount).

For weddings, the description of the hair is basically six braids, a part in the middle, and a verbana wreath. common upper class hair styles for the time period they are looking at is tall curls in the front, flat behind that, and maybe a bun at the nape. there is also often a tall headband thing holding up the curls in the front, sometimes with a sheer veil draped from it.

The romans had very elaborate hair stuff; even dedicated hair slaves. they had combs, hair pins, fake hair pieces, gold hair nets, and stuff to hold the curl like waxes and oils and fats.

For this hair, i pin curled the front 1.5" from the face with setting lotion, and cornrow braided six braids using braid spray (cornrows are basically dutch braids). i didn't know what to do with the ends, but they typically didn't go down over the back except for entertainers, so i curled them and pinned the to the braid. I am debating using false hair when i do this for my friend to bulk up the braids, but i'm not sure i'll be able to match her haircolor (and she does have fairly thick hair), but it will give me the bulk i've seen in some statues (some also have flat like you see here), and enough to make a bun at the nape. i'm also planning to weave some red ribbon (typical roman wedding color) through the braids. i don't have the wreath and veil yet, so i've substituted a green headband and veil i have lying around. for the front, i finger-combed the pin curls to keep a defined curl, then pinned the back over themselves for volume, then sprayed it with a bit of aquanet. i did find out that braiding a fake head not able to push back (and not mounted like they are in beauty schools) is much more difficult!

from the front:




with headband and veil, 3/4:

and front:

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That is just lovely. Well done!

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