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Vintage Ladies

For those who live and love vintage

Underpinnings Question!
I have a question ladies. There is a specific undergarment that I saw a picture of once (and want!) but I have no idea what the official name of it is. It is a 1950s New Look undergarment that is basically a belt with pads at the sides to make your hips stick out on the sides showing off your tiny waist in that new Dior gown. What is the name of this magical device?! Thanks for any help, Dolls!

(no subject)
Do any of you know where I can find fishnets (no lace tops) like the ones at Magnolia Hosiery? I lovelovelove the ones at Magnolia, but they don't have a secure cart, and I don't feel 100% comfortable using my CC on a non-secure site.

So vintage, it's absolutely ancient! Roman lady hair
A friend of mine is having an ancient Roman inspired hand-fasting ceremony in a few weeks, and I'm making her clothes (and his) and doing her hair. I needed a little practice, so pulled out my practice head (picked it up a few years ago at Sally's for a huge discount).

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(UK) Daily Mail article on a 1950s-current fashion model
Here's a cute article about Daphne Selfe, who has modeled since the 1950s, especially focusing on her look (including body, makeup, etc.):  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1163019/A-vintage-model-Daphne-Selfe-reveals-secrets-staying-beautiful-world-obsessed-youth.html

Huzzah for the Red, White, and Blue!
out of doors, regency, nature, costuming
I figured I'd share some of the few good pictures I have of a vintage outfit.

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It's greatly overdue but....
Hey ladies,

I updated the journal layout and made *minor* alterations to the userinfo. I had meant originally to change the layout with the seasons/holidays or at least a little more often than it has but alas life (and a lost computer) was against that.

BUT, I did find this cool layout from thefulcrum and set it up. Feedback is welcome.


Wonderfully Preserved 1950s home
A strange newstory I came across today:
A 1950s bungalow, complete with original furnishings and working appliances is being sold. The owners had only lived in the basement, so the top level was never touched!

I absolutely love it, especially the kitchen and tv room. 

Check out the home here: http://www.2204stephen.com/index.shtml

Intro Post
marjorie white
Name: Amy
Age: 33
Location: City of Brotherly Love
Occupation: Nothing exciting
Marital Status: Happily married

Favourite Eras? Why?
I love the time period between the two World Wars the best. I got hooked on 20s jazz and flappers in 1998 and studied all I could about the amazing women pioneers of this time. I also developed a weakness for silent films and had to know all about them and see as many as I could. This naturally snowballed into a love of 1930s films, women, and FASHION!! 20s fashion is unflattering on me -- late 30s is where it's at! I'm also incredibly fascinated by how rapidly society changed after WW1. We went from corsets, handlebars, and covered limbs to gin, jazz, exposed limbs, and open sexuality. All in just a few short years. It was way more dramatic of a change than the 60s, in my opinion. The 1920s was the FIRST youth culture explosion and sexual revolution. But the following Depression put an abrupt end to it. That fascinates me, too. All those twists and turns in the first third of the century. So exciting.

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Themed Photo Sharing "Purses, Handbags, Pocketbooks,Or Clutch"
Say cheese!
Fashion seems to be the topic everyone is interested in.  Accessories are truly what makes the outfit!  With Viva just around the corner lets get in the mood and share our style!

Post your pictures of your vintage or vintage inspired purses, handbags, pocketbooks or clutches as a comment to this post or as a new post.  If you make a new post please use the same Subject and tags.  DO NOT MAKE UP YOUR OWN TAGS.  By making up your own tags it makes it harder for members to find a post by topic.

Don't forget to click on the tags to see previous photo sharing posts.  Pull out those inspired photos and add them!

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In Memory of Bettie Page
While most people will never know what a kind sweet hearted woman Bettie was I was lucky to have met her when she came to a photo shot I was working on.  She refused all the people who wanted pictures with her and she spent her time hiding in my trailer(wardrobe) but she still joked with everyone about her past.  She even signed my copy of her biography. 

She was my inspiration for dying my hair black and cutting my bangs when I worked as a domme in Hollywood.  I still wear the bangs but have since let my hair go to my natural- chocolate brown and gray.  I designed a few outfits based on her photos and her personal designs(she sewed her own clothes!) for different shows and industry parties.

Regardless of her talent or people's opinions of her, Bettie opened a lot of doors for a lot of people into worlds that were taboo which are now the norm.  She was a pioneer for different lifestyles and even a bit of a libertine in her own way(she refused to live the way society dictated women should live at the time).

I recommend that you read her biography if you have the chance.  Yes, there is a movie but the book has a lot more insight the movie leaves out!

Betty (Bettie) Mae Page
April 22, 1923 - December 11, 2008