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marjorie white
amy_jeanne wrote in vintage_ladies
Name: Amy
Age: 33
Location: City of Brotherly Love
Occupation: Nothing exciting
Marital Status: Happily married

Favourite Eras? Why?
I love the time period between the two World Wars the best. I got hooked on 20s jazz and flappers in 1998 and studied all I could about the amazing women pioneers of this time. I also developed a weakness for silent films and had to know all about them and see as many as I could. This naturally snowballed into a love of 1930s films, women, and FASHION!! 20s fashion is unflattering on me -- late 30s is where it's at! I'm also incredibly fascinated by how rapidly society changed after WW1. We went from corsets, handlebars, and covered limbs to gin, jazz, exposed limbs, and open sexuality. All in just a few short years. It was way more dramatic of a change than the 60s, in my opinion. The 1920s was the FIRST youth culture explosion and sexual revolution. But the following Depression put an abrupt end to it. That fascinates me, too. All those twists and turns in the first third of the century. So exciting.

Specific interests/knowledge in vintage/specific eras? (fashion, film, automobiles, culture, locale (americana?) cooking, crafts, general aesthetics... etc?)
Pre-Code movies. They are my number one obsession. The Production Code. It truly fascinates me. Even post-34 films and their messages, especially towards women.

Specific icons/models/filmstars of interest? (how/why/when did you gain interest in them...?)
Clara Bow, Jean Harlow, Joan Crawford, anonymous chorus girls who make the movies prettier, anyone who died young, untimely, and/or horrifically, The Lane Sisters, Joan Blondell, any tough pre-Code dame! I became interested in these women because they are exciting. I feel tons of inspiration when I watch them.

If you could have [tea/a cocktail/wine] with one(or more?) dead person (of one era's past) who would it be? Why?
Clara Bow and Carole Lombard!! We could exchange dirty jokes, be trashy, and have the best laughs of our lives!

Does your S.O. share the same interests? Any other friends IRL?
My husband enjoys WW2 and Vietnam reenactment. He also dresses in the rockabilly style on a daily basis and LOVES 30s and 40s women/pinups.

Why did you join this comm...?
Why not?

Feel free to share a vintage or family recipe.
Don't have a family recipe, only recipes of the stars from my old movie mags! I'm not a big cooker -- I'm more of a junior seamstress.

Favorite vintage/nostalgia website linked (or a vintage pattern or book title)
My own Live Journal!!

So we can see who you are(and how glamorous our members are) add a picture of yourself. Doesn't have to be vintage themed.

In my latest sewing creation being all proud!

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