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Underpinnings Question!
candied_violets wrote in vintage_ladies
I have a question ladies. There is a specific undergarment that I saw a picture of once (and want!) but I have no idea what the official name of it is. It is a 1950s New Look undergarment that is basically a belt with pads at the sides to make your hips stick out on the sides showing off your tiny waist in that new Dior gown. What is the name of this magical device?! Thanks for any help, Dolls!

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aside from making your own, the only garment available now-a-days I can think of is the "pad-a-panty" and the various knock-offs, marketed to women who want to enhance hips and butts and to biological males dressings as female-gendered.

(on amazon, "padded hip" brings up a lot)

YES! THANK YOU!! One of those is the EXACT picture I saw in Harper's Bazaar!

i saw the 50's couture exhitibion and in some of the media they were showing, the girls actually pinned a pad on each side onto their corset - so it wasn't a specific item but a combo - probably when the New look was first coming in...

Ohmygoodness, I want to see that exhibition!

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