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a community for ladies interested in the vintage or rockabilly lifestyle
Membership for this community is moderated. Please refer to THIS post before requesting to join. Member Introduction Survey can be found HERE

We are a community for ladies interested in the vintage or rockabilly lifestyle. From clothing to grooming, foundation garments, pearls of wisdom, old fashioned home remedies, maybe even some vintage recipies.
If it involves ladies and it's vintage, it probably belongs here!

If you maintain or mod a community that you think belongs in this list, please drop us a line and we'll try to add it in. Because of the sheer number of vintage communities on Livejournal, I'm limiting the list to only communities that have been active in the past month.

External Links: (if you have any suggestions for additional links, feel free to send the links to a maintainer.)
The Dance Store - a great place for all things Swing Dancing.
Magnolia Hosiery - great collection of fully fashioned (seamed) stockings.
My Baby Jo - full of repro pin-up style clothing, accessories, and foundation garments.
Vintage Sewing - a resource for free vintage sewing books.
Vintage Hat Box - Hats & accessories

This is not a locked or moderated community. It's also a new community, and with that a few rules:

Be Nice, courteous and considerate. This should be a no-brainer ladies!
Guys are welcome. Though please understand that this is a community about and for ladies.
Trolls suck. Expect to be banned.
Please try to stay on topic ladies! If you aren't sure if something you want to post is on topic, post anyway. If we (the maintainers and mod) feel that it is not appropriate, we will delete it.
Posts that are definately not allowed: sales posts, icons/avatars/banners/wallpaper/etc posts, and community promotion or fundraiser posts. If you want a community promoted, send the request to one of the Mods.
Deleting of posts or comments is reserved for mods and maintainers only.
If posting more than 1 picture or a large picture, please use an lj-cut. Same goes for verbose posts.
Custom CSS for the layout attributed to thefulcrum. Some images in the userinfo are made/altered by berrybuzz, pin-up artwork by Gil Elvgren, with clipart bases made by Andy Nortnik.

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